If you decide to make something using one of my tutorials please do send me a photo.  Alternatively, please use the hashtag #alittlehappytutorial if you share your photo's on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, so that I can take a peek!

In addition to the projects below, you may also want to take a peek at my Quilt and Sew Along Page, which include step by step instructions to make sweet mini quilts and also a great 'first timer' quilt called the Patchy Heart Quilt.  Plus along the way, you'll find lots of useful tips and tricks for various techniques, including how to sew bindings, layering up quilts, applique and much more!  These are available for you to join in with, at any time!

To view each project, simply click on the images:

You'll also find a selection of tutorials that I've written on our previous Pretty Fabrics and Trims blog

A polite little notice.........these projects are dreamed up and designed by me and are intended for you to happily enjoy sewing at home. I do kindly ask that they should not be reproduced in any way for business purposes, please be kind and respect this. 

Thank you so much!


  1. All your creations are adorable! so beautiful pieces!

    regards from France!


  2. Beautiful work! I enjoyed stopping by,Breath of fresh air.I found you from Nana and Company. I'll be popping in to see your work!


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